This class can choose between Aristocrat or Commoner for their first level as a background prerequisite.

Premise: In the age of Mister William Shudder-Lance and his marvelous plays, there is no reason at all that a bard cannot prosper in Albion right now. The chaos of royalty and politics has meant more noble patrons than ever are banging on your door for entertainment, not to mention the popularity of street theatres. With the common folk and the aristocracy all clamoring for your services in these times of trouble, the world of the stage right now is better than ever.

Training: There are different kinds of bards. Actors and poets and general singers can come from any walk of life; there is no accounting for natural talent in these areas. More specific instrumental players or opera singers would require a musical schooling since childhood (mostly via private tutors), often available only to the rich.

Society: If you are a well-known bard, you are more likely to be invited to London parties as a guest rather than an entertainer – it is a great fashion right now for nobles to surround themselves with “talented and interesting people”, implying it might rub off somehow. Opera singers or instrumental musicians may be invited as a group. Other performers who come from less well-off backgrounds and truly need the performance income are less likely to be socialising, and more likely to spend time entertaining.

Government: Is unlikely to care much very about bards.

The bard class can be played unmodified.


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