This class can choose between Aristocrat or Commoner for their first level as a background prerequisite.

Rangers should use the Urban Ranger variant.

Premise: There is plenty of room in London for aspiring rogues. The east side is swarming with thieves of all ages, and in the tumult of the recent politics it is rumored a Thieves Guild may have been established. On the other side of the coin, spies are popularly used within Parliament as of right now; with the amount of unrest and rebellion, infiltrators are regularly employed by the Palace Spymaster to put down revolutions before they begin. Rangers are often used to track down hunted men like rebel leaders and other factions’ spies.

Similarly, rising with the amount of crime is the market for independent detectives. Like the famous Sherlock Holmes, many are very willing to hire detectives rather than the overworked police for reasons of efficiency and discretion. Detectives, ever ahead of their time, have been known to buy small tricks of magic from the seedy fortune-teller shops in the alleys. They don’t always work, but they do come in useful sometimes.

Society: Illustrious detectives are very much in the vogue right now, and one would have no trouble being invited to the top social events in exchange for stories of his investigations. Another reason is that the aristocracy almost always needs something done discreetly. As a thief or a spy, one is obviously much better off remaining unknown and not attracting attention.

Training: The Palace Spymaster is said to pick his agents by walking across the city with his wallet in his pocket. The ones he deems subtle enough are offered a full education in espionage and a very good salary. Thieves and detectives, naturally learn their craft from personal experiences growing up or from mentors of the same career. There are obviously few books written about these skills.

Government: It hires spies and assassins clandestinely. Thievery is not a top priority on its agenda currently, due to a range of other pressing issues. The government as a whole has no real opinion towards detectives one way or another, though they may occasionally employ one if their spies and police fail to penetrate a case.


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