Strangite Magician

This class has a prerequisite of at least 1 level in Aristocrat.

Premise: Strangite magicians are willing to take risks for the sake of magic. They recognise that all magic originates from Faerie and are thus willing to negotiate with the elements of that plane (though still cautious to its dangers). Strange’s greatest principle of magic one of madness – fairies are by their own nature mad, and view human madmen as their fellow creatures – this is because fey magic is more attuned to madness. Thus a few brave Strangite magicians purposefully allow themselves levels of madness (either through potions or hypnotic means), which grants them greater power. Strangites who slip and become completely mad are carried away to Faerie.

Society: Most see Strangites as the more dashing kind of magician, showy with magic and not always stuck in books. Most of them are devilishly charismatic, and they are found to be a great hit at parties; Norrellites often refuse to talk of magic to safeguard their research, but Strangites have no such qualms. Others find them almost as dangerous and unpredictable as fairies themselves, and quite ungentlemanly in the lengths to which they practise magic.

Training: Most of the magician’s spells come from books; this is undeniable and thus Strangites must go through the same process as Norrellites in order to form a basis for their knowledge. Afterwards, however, they often attempt to experiment beyond what has already been written about in books.

Government: Though also bound to the government for providing education, Strangites generally have no desire to return to the library after forming a basis of knowledge. They, unlike Norrelite magicians, do not require continual access to the books for academic study. Thus they often shake off their ties to the government after one or two years of service and pursue other careers. Rarely are magical services freelanced – it is seen as perverting a noble discipline, much like selling forgeries after studying Art at university.

Strangite magicians are sorcerers. They don’t obtain familiars; in its place they gain this new class feature:

Nonsensical Insight (Ex): At any time, a Strangite magician may choose to (hopefully only) temporarily impair their mind for access to the natural flow of fey magic. Magicians who do this temporarily learn a spell that is not part of their repertoire, and they can cast this spell with their spells-per-day. Temporary knowledge of this spell costs Sanity points equal to (Spell Level)d4, with a minimum of 1. The knowledge of the spell lasts 1d10 minutes. The magician can choose any spell from the Druid or Wizard/Sorcerer list, but cannot cast spells exceeding the highest level spell he already knows.

Strangite Magician

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